Beanbag/Blanket Poses

Not every baby will do every pose, but I try to aim for a good variety in your gallery. If there's a specific pose that you

really love be sure to let me know on your questionnaire so I can make every attempt to include it during your session.



Beanbag/Blanket Colors

I typically shoot two different colors during your session, ivory/white and a second color chosen by you. Imagine your photos hanging on a wall in your home, perhaps the living room or nursery or hallway, what colors would look best with your decor?



Themed/Prop Poses

 I aim for 2-3 prop shots per session, it can be something simple such as a crate, bowl or bucket or more elaborate such as a holiday set or sentimental prop you brought from home. If there's something specific you would love included in your gallery be sure to let me know on your questionnaire.


Parent/Sibling Poses

If you're planning on parent or sibling poses, these are some of my go-to shots. If there are no siblings families may choose white, brown, light grey or dark grey for their backdrop, if siblings will be included too all shots are on white for flow and consistency.